Star light headliner for cars

Experience the magical starlight effect in your own car at just a click of button. The brightness and colour  of  stars  can  be  adjusted  with mobile application to suit your mood. It’s the perfect alliance of Traditional craftmanship and modern-day technology. So, design your own constellation and enjoy the ambience of stellar scene above you and make every journey a magical experience.


1.  QUALITY LIGHTING : Optimal lighting performance for your  comfort 

2.  DIMMABLE : Create the right ambiance for any moment with dimmable LED lighting

3.  ENERGY EFFICIENT : Longer life time and uses upto 90% less energy than traditional roof lamps

4.  RGB COLOUR SPECTRUM : Creative with 16M colours . play with light and choose from 16M       colours to instantly change the look of atmosphere of your car. Save ypur favourite light setting and recall them next time.

5.  SMART CONTROL WIRELESSLY : With the mobile application you can control  your lights remotely. 

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LED Strip lighting with smart controller

Personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment. Light influences person's mood and behavior. Bring your smart lounge to life with  our latest smart lighting system. Set the right ambiance for any moment and decorate your lounge with warm to cool white light. Enjoy different styles throughout the year, no matter if it's the crisp white light reminding you of a spring breeze, the warm white light of a summer sun, or the ice cool daylight of winter. 

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